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Point Codes 


 About Point Codes


global network.gif005-123-456

A point code, also known as CCS code, is a 9 digit numberic code that identifies a specific signaling point in the SS7 network. It is the numeric equivalent of the CLLI code. This 24 bit binary code is used to identify network nodes so that the SS7 network can route calls properly. Point codes are ordered through the Telcordia Numbering Services Center, and can be ordered in either point code blocks, small network clusters or large network lusters. Point codes are assigned on a state specific basis, and he minimum number of

codes a provider can order is one block (4 codes).

Point codes are required on the ASR (Access Service Request) and listed in the CSPC (Customer Signaling Point Code) field to identify the signaling location of the ordering carrier.




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